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PH Meter | Digital PH Meter

Buy or order PH meter? Order your pH meter at phmeter.eu, we assure you that you will find the appropriate pH meter for your application or budget. All our pH meters are tested and calibrated for delivery. Thus, we are sure that you receive your pH meter in good condition and that you can measure the pH value immediately and accurately.

PH Meter or Acid Meter is a measuring instrument for measuring the pH of liquids. The pH meter is probably the most well-known measuring device for the general public. A good pH meter is therefore an indispensable tool to measure and adjust the pH value of a swimming pool, aquarium, pond. Our pH meters are also very popular among growers and growers of plants, brewers and hobby brothers ... Anyone who wants to buy a solid pH meter today will find a suitable pH meter at phmeter.eu without paying too much.

Our pH meter collection is designed to provide the right pH meter for our different types of customers. Those who only want to measure the pH of their pool or spa sporadically and those who need a pH meter daily to monitor the pH value continuously.
Are you looking for a simple pH meter that does exactly what it should do and nothing more? Then our PH-EZ pH meter is probably the best choice for you. This pH meter is cheap, reliable and easy to calibrate. Preferably, buy a pH meter that also shows the temperature and calibrates automatically? Then our PH-EZ2 pH meter is the ideal pH value meter you're looking for. For those customers who are looking for a pH meter suitable for intensive use, we have our PH-PRO pH meter . This pH meter is extremely accurate, very robust and durable for long life, dust and splash waterproof and you can only replace the pH sensor so you can measure accurately accurately accurately. Are you looking for a pH meter for an aquarium? Take a look at our PH-Meter Aquarium , which is specially designed to be attached to your aquarium and comes with an AC adapter and replaceable pH probe.

A pH meter will have to calibrate you regularly so that it will continue to measure accurately. So if you buy a new pH meter, always order the correct pH calibration fluid or calibration fluid, suitable for your type of pH meter. Check out all our calibration or calibration solutions for a pH meter.

For the delivery of your pH meter we work exclusively with Bpost, which allows us to deliver all of the Benelux within 48h. You can track the shipment at any time via the Track & Trace code received after the order. Paying for your pH meter can be quickly and safely online with iDEAL, Bancontact, Visa / Mastercard, Paypal, Bank Transfer ... You have 14 days of bedtime and we are always at your disposal to answer your further questions.

EC Meter | Digital EC Meter

Buy or order an EC Meter? Discover our EC Meters collection and order your next EC meter safely online at phmeter.eu

EC meter or conductivity meter is a measuring device that measures the conductivity or conductivity of a liquid and expresses it in an EC value, usually μS / cm. EC Meters are most commonly used for measuring the EC value of plant nutrition, fertilizers, water treatment ... The correct EC value of plant nutrition or fertilizers is very important during the cultivation process. Therefore, a good EC meter to track the EC value is absolutely indispensable if you want to achieve the maximum yield from your plants.

Check out our EC meter collection here . Currently we offer 4 types of EC meters, with this wide range we can meet the demands of our different users. If you are looking for a simple EC meter without fringes that can accurately measure the EC value up to 1999μS / cm, our EC-EZ EC meter is exactly what you are looking for. Rather, an EC measurement up to 9990μS / cm, our 3in1 EC / TDS / TEMP EC meter is the appropriate EC meter for you. If you are looking for a high quality EC meter with high precision, robust housing and EC measurement range up to 19999μS / cm, our EC-PRO ec meter or PH / EC Combo meter is the perfect solution for you.

Looking for calibration fluid to calibrate your EC meter? Also, we offer different solutions. Check our calibration solutions for an EC meter under our "Calibration" category.

TDS Meter | Digital TDS Meter

Buying or ordering a TDS Meter at phmeter.eu is choosing a solid and tested TDS meter at an exceptionally competitive price.

TDS Meter measures the total dissolved substances of a liquid. These solutes are minerals, salts, metals contained in a liquid. Thus, using a TDS meter allows you to determine the TDS value of a liquid. With a TDS meter, you measure the total solutes, which can be very important for proper water analysis and water quality monitoring. You can therefore check with a TDS meter, for example, whether your water softener is still working properly, or your water is not soiled, etc ...

Our collection of TDS meters can be viewed here. If you are looking for a budget-friendly TDS meter that can measure a TDS value up to 9990PPM, our TDS-3 TDS meter is exactly what you are looking for. A budget-friendly, accurate TDS meter provides convenient storage case. Preferably buy a TDS Meter with more features? Be sure to check out our 3in1 EC / TDS / EC TDS Meter , very accurate, user-friendly and this TDS meter is also supplied with a convenient storage bag. Order your next TDS meter today and start measuring tomorrow.

Redox Meter | Digital ORP Meter

Buy ORP meter or Redox meter? You can find the ORP meter you are looking for at phmeter.eu.

ORP meter measures the ORP or Redox value of a liquid. This is the Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP value, which reflects the disinfecting power of a liquid when an oxidizing product is added. ORP meters or Redox meters are used in the dosage of chlorine in pools, so it can be measured whether there is enough active chlorine in the water.

Our collection of ORP meters can be viewed here. We have selected 2 models of ORP meters for you. Our ORP-EZ ORP meter is a very good budget orp meter at a very competitive price. The meter works accurately and is also able to calibrate. Are you looking for a solid ORP meter with a sturdy and robust housing, highly accurate ORP measurement and replaceable ORP probe? Then our ORP-PRO Redox meter is exactly what you are looking for.

We are working to add ORP calibration or ORP calibration fluid to our range as quickly as possible. It looks like we have found a reliable partner, once everything has been tested and approved, we will add this to our range.

Salt meter | Digital Saltmeter

Buying or ordering salt meters? This is done at phmeter.eu, now discover our different models of salt meters and options.

A salt meter measures the salinity or salt content (salt level or concentration) of a liquid. A solid salt meter is therefore an invisible measuring device for owners of salt-water swimming pools or aquariums with seawater or saltwater aquariums called sea aquariums.

Our collection of salt meters can be viewed here. Are you looking for a salt meter to measure the salt content of your swimming pool? Then our SAL-PRO is the salt meter you're looking for. Super-good construction quality and high precision salt measurement make this the perfect salt meter for swimming pool or for applications suitable for a salt meter up to 10g / L. Are you looking for a salt meter or sea salt meter to measure the salt content of a seawater aquarium or marine aquarium? Then our AQR-PRO salt meter is the ideal salt meter for you. This high-precision salt meter is specially designed to measure saltwater content and is also equipped with the same robust and solid construction quality that all our PRO meters have. Absolutely one of the best and most affordable salt meter for marine aquariums available on the market today. The salt meter has been tested and approved by our test panel so do not wait to order! Check out our range of salt meters and order your new device today.

PH Electrode | PH probe

Buying or ordering PH electrode at phmeter.eu is choosing a high quality and reliable pH electrode with high precision and longevity. Discover our PH Elektrode here.

Our PH electrode is equipped with a very accurate pH glass electrode, 2 meter cable and a universal BNC plug. Thanks to this plug, the pH electrode is compatible with all brands and providers of water analysis appliances or swimming pools, aquariums, spa pools, doses ... Save on the purchase of your next PH electrode by ordering at phmeter.eu Our PH electrode has been tested and tested. Approved by hundreds of users and has absolute top quality warranty. Do not hesitate and order your new pH electrode today at phmeter.eu with 14 days no good, money back guarantee. Also find our Redox Electrode or ORP Electrode and our conductivity electrode for EC and TDS value measurement.

Combo Meter PH EC | Digital Combo Meter PH EC

Buying or ordering combo meters? Check out our range of Combo meters . With a Combo meter, you save time and money because you can perform multiple measurements with 1 meter. Our PH EC Combo meter is by far our most popular combo meter. This robust digital Combo PH EC Meter is idle for our growing customers who must constantly follow the PH value and EC value. Thanks to this accurate PH and EC combo meter, they do not lose time when measuring. Omda the PH EC combo meter also has a replaceable probe, you do not need to purchase a completely new device if the electrode has reached its end of life. Be sure to check our other combo meters.

PH Ground Meter | PH Ground Measurement

PH ground meter to measure the pH of the ground? Did you know that any type of plant feels best in a soil with a pH value that is most adapted to this plant? If you want to grow your plants in the manure, optimal soil conditions are indispensable. You can now easily and quickly measure the pH of soil with a pH ground meter. View our offer PH Ground meters , Are you looking for a simple PH ground meter with 3in1 function? then our 3in1 PH Ground Meter is the ideal device for you. A solid analog PH ground meter that also measures the humidity and light intensity. Thus, you have a PH ground meter with extra handy features at a very low price. Preferably a digital ph ground meter with 4in1 functionality? Our 4in1 PH ground meter is the PH ground meter you're looking for. Discover our range of pH ground meters now.


Buy or order refractometer? If you are looking for a new refractometer to assist you during the brewing process, order them at phmeter.eu today. A refractometer is an optical instrument that can measure or display a certain value by means of the refraction of the light. Because a Refractometer is an analogue instrument, it is reliable and very easy to use. Our refractometer for Brix and Wort SG is made to calculate the Brix and Wort value of your brew. You drop a drip on the prism image, clamp it dicth and then look through the refractometer to the light. You will then see that a scale is displayed and a certain measurement. Discover our range of refractomers here . The brix and wort refractometer we offer is a very popular model that comes with everything that's needed. The refractometer has automatic temperature correction and can be calibrated. If you want to calibrate a refrometer, do the best with distilled water. This has a value of 0, which is simply displayed on the scale of your refractometer. Order your new refractometer today and start measuring tomorrow.