ORP Buffer Solution

ORP Buffer Solution

Looking for ORP Buffer Solution to calibrate your ORP electrode or ORP Meter? You have come to the right place. As authorized reseller of Meytec® calibration solutions we offer our customers one of the finest ORP buffer solutions available on the market today. ORP is sometimes also described as Redox, both are the same. It would depend more on your geographic location what term you would use.

Tested and Certified
Our Redox Calibration Solution is produced, analyzed, and certified to meet the highest international standards and norms, from DIN to NIST. We can offer a certificate of analysis and SDS (Safety Data Sheet) should you require one, you can download it here.

Our ORP Buffer Solution is compatible with any brand of ORP Electrode of ORP meter available on the market.


ORP Measurements are performed in a large variety of industries. Our largest customer base for this range are laboratories, water-treatment, schools and universities, pharmacy, hydroponics, pool and spa... We even offer different sizes of our ORP Calibration Solution so you can choose the best option for you. 

You can order your ORP Buffer Solution in different sizes, according to your needs:
- Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution 475mV Bottle 250ml
- Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution 475mV Bottle 60ml
- Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution 475mV Sachet 20ml
- Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution 475mV Sachet Box 20x20ml

Our Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution in 250ml bottle version is your best choice is you calibrate often. This handy bottle comes with a built-in dispenser that makes it very easy for you to dose your liquid. It also prevents air from coming into contact with the rest of the liquid, this will increase the shelve-life of your ORP Calibration Solution. This option is especially popular for intensive users in laboratories, water treatments specialist and pool and spa installers.

You only need to do a couple of calibrations per year? Then you would be best of buying a smaller 60ml bottle. With our Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution 60ml you receive our premium calibration solution in a small and handy bottle. You can even fit your ORP Electrode directly into the bottle. (make sure it is cleaned in a neutral H2O solution before you dip it directly into the bottle to avoid any contamination) This option is perfect for end-users and pool/Spa owners who only need to do a couple of calibrations per season.

If you are a professional user and you require the most reliable ORP Buffer Solution we have in our inventory? We can only recommend our Sachets. Sachets are small individually packed bags, filled with premium Meytec® ORP Calibration Solution. Because they are sealed airtight and protected form any light, your ORP Buffer Solution remains in optimal condition all the time. You can order individual Sachets with ORP Buffer Solution or if you are volume user, we recommend the Box option and order per 20.

How to use ORP Buffer Solution?
Calibrating your ORP meter or ORP Electrode with ORP Buffer Solution is very straight forward. You need to calibrate your ORP meter of ORP probe as often as you desire or every time you require the highest accuracy.

Always use fresh ORP buffer solution and follow the instructions of your manual carefully when calibrating. Take your time and always wait until the measurement has completely stabilized. Throw away the used calibration solution after each use.
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