ORP Electrode

ORP Electrode

ORP Electrode for pool, aquarium, water-treatment...

Discover our ORP electrode, the perfect replacement probe for your automatic dosing system of your pool, spa, aquarium. Our ORP electrode has a highly accurate platinum electrode for the most precise measurements. It comes with a 2 meter long cable and a standard BNC-plug. Compatible with all mayor brands: Astral, Dennerle, Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Sugar Valley... 

What is ORP?

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and is measured in millivolts. It measures the chemical process of the potential of oxidation in a liquid. The stronger the oxidation process, the higher the millivolt measurement. ORP is usually measured between -2000mV and 2000mV. ORP is often called Redox, both terms are identical and describe the same process.

What is an ORP Electrode?

ORP electrodes are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications. From laboratories to pool equipment. ORP electrodes have a platinum electrode for improved accuracy. The electrode of a redox probe needs to be as sensitive as possible to measure as accurately as possible. The ORP probe is filled with a special KCL solution specifically designed for ORP meters and ORP electrodes, it helps with the conductivity between the electrode and the reference electrode inside. By measuring the potential between the 2 electrodes, your ORP meter can calculate the exact amount of oxidation taking place and display it in mV.

Our ORP Electrodes are very popular for customers who have a disinfection system for their pool. ORP electrodes are used to measure the redox level of the pool, this measurement will control the chlorine pump or salt-chlorine electrolysis. So they are a very important part of keeping your pool nice and disinfected. Our ORP electrode has a standard diameter of 12mm so it can replace all other standard ORP probes on the market. Thanks to the long 2m cable you have extra freedom to place your ORP electrode in your system.

How to take care of your ORP electrode?

Clean your ORP electrode after every use with clean water and make sure it is not contaminated with the last substance you have used. Just let the electrode soak in clean water for a couple of minutes and stir gently. ORP electrodes work just like batteries. Eventually they activated liquid inside will lose its efficiency and strength, causing less accurate readings. You can correct this for a while by calibrating your ORP sensor, but eventually you will have to replace the electrode completely.

How to calibrate an ORP electrode?

Calibrating your ORP electrode requires a buffer solution for ORP electrodes. This buffer solution has a fixed mV value, usually 465mV. Because the millivolt level is known, you can calibrate your ORP electrode exactly to this point. Always follow the steps of the instructions of your ORP meter when you want to perform a calibration. Don't worry, calibrating a ORP electrode is very easy

  1. Make sure you have the correct buffer solution for ORP probes and pour it into 2 clean cups.
  2. Insert the ORP electrode in the first cup, stir gently and wait for 30 seconds for the electrode to stabilize
  3. Insert the ORP electrode in the second cup, stir gently and wait for 30 seconds
  4. Now follow the calibration procedure on your ORP meter of monitor.

How to store a ORP electrode?

It is important that the Electrode of your ORP probe never dries out. When it is delivered, the electrode will be protected by a plastic cap, filled with KCL storage solution. This is a specially designed solution to store PH and ORP meters. This liquid protects the electrode from drying out and will prolong its lifespan. Always put the cap back on your electrode when you are not using it, make sure the cap is filled with plenty of KCL solution.