PH Electrode

Measuring pH is often one of the first and most important steps when it comes to water-treatment or water-analysis applications. A PH Electrode is designed to measure the pH level in a liquid accurately and responsively. When you insert the sensitive and porous glass pH electrode in a liquid, an exchange of ions takes place between the liquid, and the reference solution inside the pH electrode. This reaction can be measured and translated in a pH value that can be displayed on your pH meter or pH monitor. You can read more in detail about pH electrodes here.

Meterdiscount is an authorized reseller of Meytec® premium pH electrodes and pH calibration solutions. We offer a range of pH electrode that is compatible with any brand available on the market that uses the industry standard BNC-Connection. Besides electrodes and meters, we also specialize in pH calibration solutions to keep your instruments measuring perfectly throughout their lifespan.

PH Electrode applications

Our range of pH electrodes is suitable for a large selection of applications. In general our customers can be found mainly in the scientific industry, laboratories, water-treatment facilities, planting and gardening, hydroponics, fish-farming, Food production, Beverage production, universities and zoo’s industries, pool business, aquarium maintenance…

We get asked daily if our pH electrodes are compatible with aquarium monitoring, pool dosing systems or salt chlorinator systems. The answer is Yes. If your dosing system uses the standard BNC-Connection, we guarantee you our PH and ORP Electrodes will work on your system. For your reference, a selection of brands we are compatible with: Sugar Valley, Innowater, Fluidra, Astral, JBL, Hayward, Seko, Micro-Dos, Prominent, Hanna Instruments, Mettler Toledo…

BSX-Series pH Electrode

A quick, responsive and accurate pH electrode, ideal for our customers who only need to measure pH from time to time or those who just need a simple affordable replacement pH electrode for the monitor or dosing system of their pool, aquarium or hydroponics. The BSX-PH electrode can be placed directly into a pressurized system up to 4 bars and can withstand temperatures up to 50°C. it comes with a 150cm cable and a standard BNC-connection, making it compatible with any system on the market that uses this connection.

GTX-Series pH Electrode

Our Premium range PH Electrode is designed to meet the standards and demands of our professional users and professional monitoring- and dosing systems. Our GTX-PH Electrode features new and improved Swiss technologies and components, making it even more responsive and accurate than ever before. On top of that it is capable of withstanding much higher pressures and temperatures up to 6 bar and 80°C. The extra long cable of 250cm and industry standard BNC-connection make sure you can connect it any meter, monitor or dosing system on the market.  

Calibration and storage of PH Electrode

Any pH electrode is only as accurate as its last calibration. Often an overlooked step, but calibrating your pH electrode on a regular basis is absolutely vital for maintaining accurate pH measurements. Only calibrate your sensitive pH electrode with high-quality and fresh pH Calibration Solution. We recommend to calibrate your pH electrode every month as a minimum or each time you require the highest accuracy. Always read the manual of your pH electrode before calibration and follow the steps carefully.

Your pH electrode is delivered with a plastic protective cap. This cap is filled with a special KCl Storage solution, designed to keep the sensitive glass pH electrode hydrated and fresh. It is absolutely important you put this cap back on the pH electrode after each use. You must never allow your pH electrode to dry. Refill the cap with KCl Storage Solution when necessary and always store your pH electrode in a dark and dry place, at room temperature and out of reach of children.