Redox Buffer

Redox Buffer

Redox Calibration Solution or Redox Buffer to calibrate Redox Meter or Redox Electrode

Redox buffer or Redox calibration solution is a special liquid designed to calibrate your Redox Meter or Redox Electrode. Redox meters are very sensitve measuring instruments that require regular calibration in order to have the most accurate measurement. 

A Redox Buffer has a specific Redox value. You can calibrate your Redox meter by adjusting the measurement of your Redox Meter to this spcific setpoint. Calibrating a Redox meter is easy, always follow the instructions of your Redox Meter or Redox Electrode. 

Redox Meter Calibration

  1. Pour the Redox buffer in a clean cup and place your Redox meter or electrode in the cup.
  2. Stir gently and wait 1 minute until the measurement is completly stable. 
  3. Now adjust the setpoint of your Redox meter until it matches the setpoint of the Redox Buffer.
  4. Your Redox Meter is now calibrated and ready to use.

It is recommended to calibrate your every month or everytime when you require the most accurate measurement.