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ORP Meter 

Digital ORP Meter for pool and spa

This digital ORP meter measures the  ORP value or Redox value of your liquid. ORP or Redox value indicates the disinfecting power of a liquid and is expressed in millivolts. The higher the values, the higher the disinfecting power, and vice versa. You can check for example, with this meter whether there is enough chlorine in the water of your pool or spa.

ORP Meter ORP-EZ specifications

  • Compact, pen-type design
  • Easy to use for fast measurement
  • Wide range of 0 ~ 1999 mV suitable for various applications
  • High accuracy of ± 5 mV
  • Large and clear LCD display with backlight
  • easy calibration
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Batteries included

ORP Meter Recommended Options

  • KCL storage solution to protect the redox electrode during storage
  • Redox buffer to calibrate your Redox electrode

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