PH Electrode

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PH Electrode 

PH Electrode pool, aquarium, lab...

Accurate pH electrode, compatible with the majority of automatic dosing and measuring devices, and pH meters. The pH electrode is equipped with a long 2 meter cable and standard BNC-connection. Standard 12mm size and BNC connection make it compatible with most dosing and measuring systems available on the market today.

PH Electrode Compatible with:Astral, Sugar Valley, Zodiac, Hanna, Dennerle, Seko, Micro Dos, Pentair, Hayward, Technopool, Blue Lagoon, Avady, JBL, Sera...

PH Electrode Specifications

  1. Measuring range: pH0.00-14.00
  2. Operating Temp: 5°C-60°C
  3. Accuracy ≤0.01pH
  4. impedance ≤200MΩ
  5. The Drift ≤0.02pH / 24hours
  6. Diameter: 12mm
  7. Connection: BNC (2m cable)
  8. Material: Lab Grade ABS
  9. Colour: Black

PH Electrode Recommended Options

  • PH Buffer solution for accurate calibration of your pH electrode
  • KCL Storage solution to protect your pH electrode during storage

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